5 ways on getting a Cheap Plane ticket

With airlines offering constant seat sale promos, Pinoys have a higher chance to travel on Domestic and International flights with a relative Cheap Plane ticket fare.

Honestly, booking seat sale tickets can be really frustrating, but hey, a little sacrifice is worth it eventually right?

To give you a glimpse, we were able to travel on domestic flights for as low as PHP 800.00 per person. PHP 4,500 per person to South Korea; PHP 6900.00 round-trip per person to Japan and PHP 3,500 per person to Hongkong.


  • Seat sales are obviously means cheaper ticket fare.


  • Airlines sites gets really buggy and slow and is really prone to connection issues. There are instances wherein you’re already in the checkout page and upon submission, you’ll be surprised with an error and you need to try it again. So put your hopes a little lower and try it again next time.
  • There are also limited seat sale destination to choose from and really depends on the promotion offered on that period.
  • And lastly, travel availability is relatively far from the sale period. Normally, available seats are 6months up to a year period so if your aim is to book for a flight for next week, then this is not for you.
  • Changing Guest Name and Cancellation are not allowed on promo fares so make sure that you are 100% sure before booking a promo airfare.

So here are the strategies that I’ve made personally on getting cheaper flights:

  1. Take note of Philippine Occasions and Holidays

Normally airlines do promotions on a special holidays. We booked our trip to Korea last holy week and luckily a local airlines offers 50% discounts on International flight. We were also able to book Japan round-trip during Independence Day.

  1. Set your alarm clocks before midnight

As the promotion starts on the exact date of the occasion, you may want to set your clocks and get in to the line before the traffic gets crazy. Sounds like your daily commute right?

  1. Download airline mobile app

Over the years, airlines follows the trend of building mobile apps to accommodate growing community of mobile users. In my case, I was able to book our Korea trip using the airline’s mobile app and I was able to book it on a breeze. The app surely needs improvements but can served its assigned purpose.

  1. Choose awkward dates

I’ve noticed that airfare costs cheaper from middle of the week days (like Tuesday until Thursday). And days closer to the weekend is relatively high (Friday to Monday).

  1. Bring a lot of patience and prayers

Overall the site might get nasty but a little patience will get you a discounted flight right? So put on your coffee and be ready to camp up for the sake of your travel dreams in a shoestring.

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