Winter Clothes and Where to Find Them | Ukay Ukay Guide in Guadalupe

As mentioned on my other post, What to Wear on an Autumn-Winter trip in South Korea, we’ve bought our trench coats at Ukay-Ukay for PHP 300.00 and PHP 500.00 each.

Ukay-Ukay  is a store that sells pre-loved or secondhand apparels and are being sold at a very cheap price.

Advantage of buying Winter Clothes from Ukay-Ukay

  • Definitely prices are cheap compared to mall prices
  • You can bargain prices
  • You can score branded items from Clothes, Shoes or Bags
  • A lot of available Winter clothing

Disadvantage of buying Winter Clothes from Ukay-Ukay

  • Limited styles and sizes. You need more patience especially if you found a prospect item but doesn’t fit well on you
  • If you have sanitary issues, this will be a turn off
  • Some items are already tattered, so it’s up to you if you just want to mend or give it a pass


If the disadvantages hit you and can relate to those concerns, you can always buy brand new items from stores that can be found on malls. Sample stores are Uniqlo, Bershka, Marks and Spencer, North Face, Terranova and SM Surplus.

  • Uniqlo – this store especially during -ber months sells a lot of items for winter. We bought most of our base layers here. During summer, they offer heattech sales across all their stores.
  • Bershka – I’ve bought my other trench coat at Bershka for PHP 2,000.00. In general, buying stuff that you will only use often is impractical. But, I fell in love with that coat at first sight so, we decided to buy it for our Korea trip.
We bought this coat in Bershka and I used it mostly on our trip since the one that I bought at Ukay is a cream color and got dirty
  • Marks and Spencer – they also sell thermal inner layer and winter jackets
  • North Face – they are known for their outdoor and athletic clothing products. I’ve checked their ski jacket and it’s a whooping PHP 10,000.00. I’ve also checked their ski gloves and it ranges from PHP 2,500.00 and above.

  • Terranova – I’ve seen a quality yet cheap leather jacket here
  • UPDATE: Decathlon Philippines – we’ve found different types of jacket and mid layers here.
  • SM Surplus – this is a mall version of Ukay-Ukay. They also sell Coats and Leather Jacket here especially during -ber months. Sometimes, you can find branded items here. I’ve found a Bershka trench coat here, however, the size doesn’t fit in me.
Found out that SM Surplus also sells coats and leather jackets


But, if you don’t mind the listed disadvantages above and want to save more for your Winter Clothing, check out this Ukay-Ukay stores in Guadalupe where we bought ours. They are just close to each other and there are a lot of items to dig up.

Where to Start?

Alight at MRT Guadalupe Northbound station. From there, pass through Guadalupe Market until you reached P. Burgos cor Edsa. When you saw Jollibee, it means you’re in the right place. Pass through KFC, 711 and Security Bank until you reached our first stop.

First Ukay-Ukay Stop: Orig’s Fashion Wear

The store is just along EDSA and in between Guadalupe MRT Station and Guadalupe Footbridge. This is where we found Boink’s trench coat for PHP 300.00. Good items that can found here are:

  • Coats, Bubble Jacket / Vest, Ski Jackets – price range from PHP 300.00++
  • Ski Gloves – PHP 150.00
  • Boots – PHP 350.00
  • Thermal Base Layer Shirt (Marks and Spencer brand) – PHP 150.00
  • Kids Winter Jacket (PHP 100.00)

Found this Gloves for PHP 150.00
Boots everwhere! But, they can’t fit on me!


Second Ukay-Ukay Stop: Ai and Aw’s Ukay-Ukay

From Orig’s Fashion wear, pass through the tunnel (My Hotel) and walk towards Ramon Magsaysay Avenue. Turn right and walk until you saw Juliet Bakeshop. Ai and Aw’s is just beside the bakeshop. Good items that can found here are:

  • Coats, Bubble Jacket / Vest, Ski Jackets
  • Ski Gloves – PHP 150.00

Third Ukay-Ukay Stop: {NoName} Ukay-Ukay

From Ai and Aw, walk towards Manggahan street. Landmark is the Andoks Store and Budget Mart. Third Ukay shop is in front of Budget Mart. Good items that can found here are:

  • Coats, Bubble Jacket / Vest, Ski Jackets. This is where we found the Cream Coat that I wear in Korea. We still bought it knowing the fact that the coat has missing neck warmer on it.
  • Boots and Shoewear. This is the biggest Ukay shoe store that I’ve seen. But still, I find it difficult to find boots on my size and my preferred style.

Last Ukay-Ukay Stop: {NoName} Ukay-Ukay

From Budget Mart, continue walking towards Manggahan until you saw a Salon and Spa. The ukay store is just beside that. There are jackets available here as well but not as plenty compared to other.


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17 Replies to “Winter Clothes and Where to Find Them | Ukay Ukay Guide in Guadalupe

    1. Hi Toni! There are a lot of sizes actually but what I’ve find difficult is to get a size for the design that I liked. Sizes ranges from 6++.

  1. I lived nearby Guadalupe, and yes there’s a lot of good-cheap finds there. Nakabili pa ako ng coat dyan bago kami nag Korea at babalik ulet ako to find jacket for Europe travel naman. Medyo tyagaan lang konti sa paghahanap lalo na sa pang lalake (like me). But if you have extra cash and can afford to buy branded, maganda din tumingin sa Surplus, Terranova at Uniqlo. Happy travel 🙂

  2. Hi letsgoady, meron din bang mga heattech clothes sa mga ukay-ukay na yan? I’m planning to go this coming weekend to buy some jackets and hoping to find some heattech clothes too.

    1. Hi, may nakita kaming thermal base shirt from Marks and Spencer brand sa Origs ukay ukay. Nkabalot pa sia and in good condition so possible na meron and wala, depende talaga sa supply ng ukay. Definitely madaming options sa jacket. Goodluck! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, not sure what you meant. pero normally mas mganda yung trench coat option sa branded pero may few na naliligaw na good ones sa ukay. You can try your luck there. Goodluck!

  3. Hi letsgoady! 🙂 Bukas po kaya yung mga ukay stores ng weekends?
    Naghahanap kasi kami for our trip this january. Nakakaencourage puntahan yung mga pinost mo dito sa blog. 🙂

  4. Hi Ady, thanks for your blog post! It was a lifesaver today! Literally followed your advice after an urgent googling of winter clothes because the seamstress at the palengke today said my old one couldn’t be fixed in time for the trip. Found a cotton vest and a down bubble jacket at Ai & Aws. Dude, 350PHP! Happy with the buy. Thanks again! 😉🏂

    1. Hi Aj, not sure of the exact opening time. I guess around 9am? I passes through EDSA around 7am and the ukay ukay along that is still not open.

  5. Hello LETSGOADY! Nice blog dear! I chanced upon your blog and indeed it’s helpful especially this portion about the clothes because we’re going to Korea next next week and the weather is same as the time you went. 🙂
    That’s why I’m curious about the branch of the SM Surplus you’ve visited. May I know the branch where you saw the coats (those brown coats in the photo) ? Is it like a wool blend coat too? Thank you so much in advance for your help, I would really appreciate it!! Hope you’ll respond 🙂

    1. Hi Trish, yes the coat’s material is wool. Found that at SM Bicutan branch. As I observed, most of the SM Surplus stores sells winter clothes especially this BER season. Hope you still find something like this because when I found this one, there’s no other sizes left. Goodluck and enjoy your Korea trip! 🙂

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