letsgoady is a full-time software engineer and a part-time explorer. She works on a 9-6 desk job and spent the rest of her time exploring the wonders of life.

Hi there! My ultimate dream is to explore the unexplored with my love ones and share it to the world as well. Hopefully, this blog will help you on your future travel and lifestyle.


More about me

My childhood is simple. I went to school and play nonstop after class. Unlike my sibling who likes staying at home, I on the other hand loves to be outside playing with my fellow childhood friend. I can say that I already mastered most of the traditional pinoy games.

During college, I envy my schoolmates because they can travel and spend overnight trips with friends while I was restricted by Mom to do so. My mom always says “If you can afford to travel.. then go, by all means, but if the money will come from my pocket, better stay home..”

Sometimes, I asked her why I can’t do the same. Years later, I finally realized the reasons and I know it’s for my own good. Mom always knows the best, right?

As I started working, I have now enough freedom to travel. That’s how I started. And mind you, I don’t have any plans on stopping yet.


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