Cosmic Kids Playground at SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

Cosmic Kidz is so far the largest and tallest play area that we have visited in the metro. It is located in Mall of Asia (MOA) and is perfect for older kids than toddlers due to its maze and obstacle like structure. The area has 4 floor levels that houses foam climbers, tunnels, slides and nerf guns look-a-like that shoots safety ball foams on a specific area.

Cosmic Kidz is a sister company of Kidzcity: Play and Party Center at SM Aura BGC so rules and regulations are close to Kidzcity but structure and toys are different.

How much is the entrance fee?

For PHP 280.00 a child can stay inside for 1 hour; PHP 200.00 for 30 minutes and PHP 480.00 for Unlimited Play. Though the disappointing part here is that adult has a separate entrance though contradicting to their rules that children must be accompanied by adults at all time. Maybe they should consider including a free single entry for the parents on the fee. Adult pass costs PHP 120.00.

Cosmic Kidz are also being offered in Metrodeal and is relatively cheap. For PHP 180.00 a child can stay there for unlimited hours but parents must pay a separate fee. Also, as of this writing, they only offer the voucher on weekdays.

What should my child wear?

Wearing socks for the children and adults are required inside the play area. You can buy a pair of socks at the counter if you forgot to bring for PHP 50.00. Bringing food and drinks are not allowed, so a dedicated locker area is available at the entrance.

For the kids, I highly recommend that they wear comfortable clothes, preferably, tights or leggings and shirt with sleeves to avoid minor scratches and burns since there will be a lot of crawling.

What are the activities that we can expect there?

The place is a big maze / obstacle area and is ideal for bigger kids. Expect a lot of running, climbing and obstacle foams around the area.

Upon entrance, the staff will take a photo of you and your little ones for the purpose that they can easily recognize you when the play time is already over. You will then be greeted by an enclosed spiderweb obstacle with a trampoline as its base. As a stated this is perfect for bigger kids since they already know how to navigate and climb inside the web like area.

The place also has this long slide suitable for little kids. We stayed here for a long while little Sophie practiced how to slide on her own. The slide is a bit safer since it is not much raised and is a little flat on the middle that acts as a breaker.

Ball pit area is also available but this one is smaller compared to other ball pit areas that we have visited. But still, little Sophie loves ball pit so we cannot argue how small or big the ball pits are as long as there are ample balls available inside.

Other unique play areas:

Final thought

With all fair, the area has child proofing installed. Most of the flooring, walls and edges are protected with foams. The only place that I find that needs improvement is the ball suction display from the center area where Nerf like guns are placed. Kids has the tendency to bump their head on this item while picking the foam balls from the area.

Also as mentioned, the place and activities (4 floor levels) are suitable for bigger kids aside from the ball pit and the long slide!

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12 Replies to “Cosmic Kids Playground at SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

      1. Hi po. Bukod po ba sa 120 na bayad for adult. Kailangan ko din po ba magbayad na 480 for me naman? Or yun na po yun yung 120? My sister is 9 years old na po. Sya po kasi yung dadalhin ko doon. Thanks

  1. Is there age limit for this playground? We’re planning to buy metrodeal voucher and bring my one year old son there. He can stand, balance and run now. Thanks!

    1. Hi Niza, there’s actually no age limit for the playground but they strictly impose that children below 5 years old should be accompanied by an adult. Our little tot is turning 3 this year but I have a little reservation about the place. For me, it’s more suitable for older kids than toddlers because of the play structure. It’s a 4 floor level structure and looks like an obstacle / maze most likely designed for running and hiding with other bigger kids. But with all fair, the place is child friendly with child proof paraphernalia installed around. Our tot, enjoyed the ball pit and slides though! You can also try the playground just beside Cosmic Kidz. Looking from outside, it’s not a leveled playground and more suitable for infants andntoddler 🙂 Enjoy!

        1. Hi Mai, as far as I know the fees applies to all age group. The fee depends per duration of stay so for example if your child intend to stay for unlimited play, you need to pay PHP 480.00 and since your kid is still young, you need to supervise them inside which means you need to pay the additional adult fee as well.
          Some establishments like Kidzoona has a free adult pass which is great but since we cannot just leave our tots alone, we don’t have a choice but to pay extra (which is SAD)

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