Decathlon Philippines: Sports Enthusiasts Paradise

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Decathlon Philippines, so last Sunday we decided to see it for ourselves.  Well what can I say, this is really indeed an amazing place. 

Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer and the largest store related to sports product that I’ve visited so far. They’ve just opened their first store here in the Philippines last June 2017. The store is located at the Second Floor Festival Mall Alabang Muntinlupa City. What I’ve noticed about the shop is that prices are relatively cheap compared to other branded items available in Manila.

We’ve actually spent more than an hour just roaming and checking out products from the store. They offers a wide array of sporting goods from Biking, Hiking, Running, Swimming and many more! What I love about the store is they actually let you try out their product (even though you don’t plan to buy it). As a good advice, the best way to guarantee that you have the right product is by trying it firsthand.

Also, they have a designated staff on each aisle so you can get support and tips on those products.

So, here are the items that you can see at Decathlon Philippines:

#1. Camping

Tent display at Decathlon Philippines. You can actually go inside the tent (just remove your shoes before going in!)

Yep, camping might not be a competitive sports but it can be linked to activities like rope skills and such. But going back to Decathlon, this place almost have complete items related to camping. From tent, sleeping bags, insulated bag packs, cooler bags, pegs and runners, water bottles, head lamp, hammocks to cooking sets, you name it they have it.

Look whose excited for this comfy sleeping bed!
Little Sophie immediately went inside the tent. Feel at home lang.

They have arrays of display (try me product) for each item just beside the product so you can touch and feel it. They actually have a setup tent with ideal products inside like the tent extension, airbeds, air pillows and foldable bench where they allow you to come in (just remove your shoes to avoid ruining it.)

The basic tent price starts around PHP 1,300.00, sleeping bag starts at PHP 2,000.00 and Head Lamps starts at PHP 180.00.

Cooking sets perfect for Mountaineering and Camping are available.
Cooler bags can keep foods cool even without ice. Size and insulation capability varies

#2. Biking

There are a lot of items that can be found related to Biking here as well. They have the Mountain Bikes, Foldable Bikes, Helmets, Cycling sunglasses, Pumps, Smartphone Sleeves, Cycling Clothes and more.

There are arrays of Mountain Bikes to choose from the store!
Folding Bikes at Decathlon!

The basic price for Mountain and Foldable Bike starts around PHP 8,000.00. Bike helmets at PHP 600.00, Smart phone holders at PHP 90.00 and Women apparel at PHP 220.00.

Each product contains details about the Comfort, Efficiency, Versatility, Weight and Size. Staffs are also around so if you have any question or want to check out the product there are people that can help you out.

Starter model for Foldable Bike starts around PHP 8,000. I’m not sure if this is already good for its price.
Helmets section. There are different colors to choose from. Makes we want to start cycling because of this items.
Clothes and legging support are also available for Men and Women.


#3. Urban Mobility

Decathlon also have my childhood dream toys like skateboards, long boards, roller-blades and scooters.

They also have protective gears for this kind of sports like helmets, knee pads, shoulder pads and such.

They also have an area where you can wear the samples and skate around. Though, parents must supervise their kids at all times. Skateboards, Scooters samples can be used inside the designated area and helmets and protective gears can be used as well.

One of my dream toys when I was young. Way back, scooters have a small rubber wheel and it glows and light everytime you stroll it.
Skateboard and Longboards area also available at Decathlon
Roller blades are one of my dream toy as well when I was young. There are arrays of models in the area for Boys and Girls!

“Play area” where you can try to skate and stroll.

#4. Running

My most favorite aisle among all the area is the Running section. They have a lot of options from Shoes, Cap, Bag, Shirt and Shorts, Sports Bra, Hydration bag, Bottle Carrier Belt, Timer Watch, Water Bladder and Arm Bands. We spent a fair amount of time here because I’m still deciding whether to buy the Bottle Carrier worth PHP 500.00 but ended up not buying it because I still find it expensive Hahaha 🙁

You can buy a pair of shoe here starting at PHP 650.00, Hydration bag that starts at PHP 1,000.00, a single bottle carrier at PHP 160.00, timer watch at PHP 300.00, water bladder at PHP 440.00, a single bottle water at PHP 100.00 and arm bands at PHP 400.00.

Once I’ve decided that I really need the bottle carrier, I will surely go back and buy it!

Male and Female apparel area for Running.
Jogging Shoes starts at PHP 650.00. A proper shoe measurement device are available in the area near the shoe section.
The one on the picture costs PHP 800.00. The single Bottle Carrier belt costs PHP 160.00
I actually thought that this is a running pedometer, turns out that they are Watch timer perfect for swimming and running practice.
Water bladder is perfect alternative for Water Bottle. They actually have a drinking straw installed so really depends on your preference while running.
A few selection of arm bands are available on the area. Though, I find the price expensive. Maybe the quality is really good though.

#5. Gym Equipment

There are equally amount of gym equipment available at Decathlon. From cardio, gymnastics, yoga, body building and even ballet items – they have it.

We’ve bought an Ab Wheel here that costs PHP 380.00. Relatively fare amount I guess compared to other stores?

They also have gym apparel, fit ball that costs starting at PHP 360.00, fitness mat at around PHP 200.00, yoga mats at around PHP 480.00, kettle bells at around PHP 700.00, weight bars and cast iron disc for body building starting PHP 360.00 and PHP 100.00, treadmill, cycling and such and dumbbells sets at around PHP 900.00.

Dumbbell set at Decathlon
Fitiness Ball varies per sizes. The largest size cost around PHP 550.00
Different yoga mats are also available. A thicker yoga mat is recommended for extra comfort on the knees
Body building paraphernalia
Treadmill, Cycling and such are available at Decathlon

#6. Basketball

For basketball enthusiasts, they have plenty of basketballs depending on it’s touch, traction and bounce. Ball price starts at PHP 200.00. They also have ball pins and pumps and other stuffs related to it.

They have a two-ball challenge event every weekend around 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. All members are encouraged to participate. If you beat the high score, you’ll take home a brand new basketball from them.


#7. Archery

Guidelines on choosing type of arrow can be found at the area. Different type of archery based on its Precision, Ease of Use and Easy Assembly can be found there.

Cris wanted to buy the Soft Archery so he can practise Archery but its a bit expensive for PHP 2,600.00 per set.

As I’ve already mentioned, they allow shoppers to try out their product which is effective by the way because you are introduced with a product that may touch your interest.

#8. Badminton

There is also an area where you can use badminton sets at Decathlon. The store sells Badminton rackets with basic price of PHP 300.00, Shoes, Nets, Racket sports bag, Shuttlecocks and Microfiber towels.

#9. Climbing and Mountaineering

The climbing and Mountaineering section is the coolest area at Decathlon all because they have an indoor wall climb setup! When our little girl saw this, she became ecstatic and wanted to try it out. This is her first time with wall climbing so we really find it awesome.

The place sells climbing shoes with price starts at PHP 2,200.00. Aside from climbing, the aisle also contains Mountaineering stuffs like Hunting boots, rain coats, train boots and camouflage pants to complete the set.

 #10. Hiking

The hiking section has a lot of products ranging from clothes, shoes, boots and sandals. They also have apparels that are good for kids and adults.

This is also a great place to buy stuffs when travelling abroad. We found a fleece clothes, heat packs for socks, tummy and hands!


#11. Swimming

Swimwear and accessories are available at the store. One piece suits basic price starts at PHP 220.00. Aside from swimwear, they also have microfiber towels, goggles, training boards, fins, caps and earbuds.

#12. Tennis

Shoes, Rackets and Balls are available at the area. There are guidelines as well on choosing the right tennis ball and shoes depending on the frequency of its usage.

#13. Trekking

Caps, boots, walking poles, sleeping bags, jackets, walking sandals, hiking bags and other hiking accessories can be found on this aisle.

#14. …and Many More!

  • Boxing
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Horseback Riding
  • Volleyball


Final Thoughts

Well, this is really a sport enthusiasts paradise. The place is really huge and items are segregated per sports type. Some aisles has a play area so customers can actually  have a feel of the items there. If you have kids with you, check out the Urban Mobility for the scooter and skates products, also check out the mini wall climbing at the Climbing and Mountaineering area for a short climb experience. Prices are relatively cheap compared to other branded items. Will visit again soon!

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