My Dream Eyelashes at Ooh La Lash

Having long thick lashes is every woman’s dream. It makes the eyes more attractive, provides drama and intense look without too much effort on your face feature. A few are blessed enough to have a perfect curled lashes without the daily curler routine. And I’m for sure one of those who envy it.

Most of eyelashes are naturally long. Mine is flat and straight and I can say that it’s already lengthy, but it looks boring so I decided to have it permed.

Eyelash perming is a procedure wherein lashes are curled using a hair perming solution. The procedure normally takes 45 mins up to 1 hour and the effect will lasts up to 1-2months depending on how you take care of it like how often you rub your eyes and the activities that might affect its longevity.

I visited an eyelashes parlor named Ooh La Lash located in Glorietta 3 Ayala Center, Makati. They are experts with thread, lash and tint services. Since I’m not a fan of eyelash extension for the reason that it makes my eyes look tired and sleepy, I decided to go for the natural look – good for lazy humans who just want to wake up and have it instantly.

I went there with full curiosity and hopes on finally achieving the dreamed curled eyelashes. As I went inside the store, the receptionist greeted me promptly and asked what procedure I would like to get.

The interior is simple and homey and have decorations that suites the ideal feel of beauty salons. After having said my intention, she asked me to sign a registration form that requires basic information like Name, Contact Number and Signature. An esthetician led me to the arranged bed and after that magic happened.


  1. The esthetician will start with a light head massage and request you to shut your eyes.
  2. With your eyes closed, a foam roller will be placed on your upper lid. Lashes will be coated with an adhesive and will be enclosed around the roller. This procedure will hold your lashes in a curled position.
  3. A perming solution will be applied to your eyelashes. Then, it will be covered using a plastic wrap and let the solution stays for a while.
  4. After around 20 mins, a neutralizer will be applied. Plastic wrapper will still be covered for another minutes.
  5. After that, the esthetician will removed the wrapper then slowly separate the lashes from the roller. Residue from the adhesive will be cleaned using a cotton.
  6. Before you can see the result, eyelashes will be brushed up using a tiny eyelashes brush. Presto, presenting you your new curled lashes



Final thought

Overall, I am happy with the end results. I like the ambiance and the staffs as well. The personnel makes me feel comfortable during the process. She also took awesome before and after photos of my eyelashes. What makes me uncomfortable in the process is the part where lashes are enclosed on the roller and hold in a curled position. It’s the same feeling when you try eyeliner and makes you teary eyed.


You should not get your eyelashes wet for at least 12 hrs to give the solution time and reached full effect. Contact lenses are also not advised to be worn a day after the procedure.

Is it safe?

All products may have side effect especially if it’s not done properly. Be sure to do the procedure from a qualified establishment and trained professionals. Like other hair products, if it’s left too long, it can incur damage and fry your lashes and may lead them to breakage.

Will I try it again?

Yes, I will try it again but maybe after another month. Give your eyes and growing lashes some time to rest as well.

Value for money?

The procedure costs 490 pesos. Personally, I think the price is just enough for a month long end result.


Ooh La Lash

Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Price: 490 pesos

Duration: 45mins to 1hour

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