Where to exchange Philippine Peso to Japan Yen

We exchange Philippine Peso to Japan Yen on different locations in Philippines and Japan. First, we exchanged on our local commercial bank in Manila specifically on the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Philippine Peso to Japan Yen

#1:  Local Commercial Bank

From our earlier post Where to exchange Philippine peso to Korean Won, we exchanged our Peso to Won from BDO and the said bank requires some documents while with our recent exchange in BPI there are lesser requirements. Here are my few observation on those local bank exchanges:

  • Requirements:

Exchanging of currency to both local bank are exclusive to bank account owners only. BDO requires plane ticket, government ID and proof of bank account record while BPI only requires the proof of account and a valid government ID upon claiming.

  • Rates:

BDO based on my observation and computation sells Won and Yen competitively compared to BPI.

  • Application:

Aside from bank account exclusivity, BDO is strict about transactions within the main branch only (meaning you can only exchange where you open your bank account). While you can transact with any branch with BPI without any extra fee.

Just sharing my mere experiences during those exchange here! Also, both banks needs at least 3 days reservation time before they can answer if the notes are available or not. Conversion rate will be given on the day of claiming as well (note conversion varies per bank per day).

We got Yen rate in BPI for PHP 1.00 = YEN 0.4605.

#2:  Money Changers in Philippines and Japan

Money Changer in Manila

We also exchanged our Peso to Yen on a local money changer in QC specifically Tivoli in Trinoma. We just went there one day and inquired but the staff suggests that we get back after 2 hours as they are already out of Yen. True to their suggestion, we get back and got our PHP 1 for Yen 0.46.

Tivoli Money Changer in QC Manila

Money Changer in Japan

To be honest I don’t see any physical Money Changers in Tokyo but what we found are currency exchange machines. We found one physical money changer in Osaka (Shinsaibashi – Dotonbori stretch) but we haven’t asked the staff about the pricing so I can’t elaborate it much.

We found the following machines on the following locations in Tokyo:

  • Akihabara, Japan

We found this machine near Akky shop and Sega building in Akihabara. Though, there are just limited currencies available and no Philippine peso on the list.

Money changer machine in Akihabara Japan
  • Harajuku, Japan
Money Changer in Harajuku Japan

We found this machine in front of Daiso Harajuku. Rate conversion for PHP 1.00 is YEN 0.5181 during our trip. Exchanging money with this machine is easy as there are enough language setting available such as English. Money reader is fast and hassle free as well.

#3:  Airport in Manila and Japan

There are money exchangers in NAIA 3 terminal departure hall just before you go inside Immigration section. In Japan, there are money exchangers as well just upon exit of Narita Terminal 2.

#4:  ATM Withdrawal in Japan

If you find yourselves out of cash and found an international accredited ATM around, you can instantly get Yen in a second. Just make sure to call your local bank ahead of time so they can activate your card for an international withdrawal. Activation request must be done at least 3 days before your departure date.

Seven Bank ATM for international Withdrawal
A week before our travel, we activated our Debit Card in BDO

There are a lot of ATM machines especially inside the train stations but most of it are just locals machines only. But, we were able to try to withdraw on seven bank  (from 7-11) ATM machines. The one that we found was inside the Disney store in Harajuku.

If you want to find a nearby international ATM, you can check it here at 7-11 ATM locator.

We got Yen rate in Seven Bank – ATM for PHP 1.00 = YEN 0.464518 and added Service charge for PHP 182.07.

#5:  ATM Debit Card Payment in Japan

When we went to Don Quijote to buy pasalubong, we decided to use our Debit card. Rate conversion for our transaction is PHP 1.00 = YEN 0.75. Same with ATM Withdrawal, international activation must be endorsed before your departure date.

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