First time guide on applying for Japan tourist visa for Pinoys

Getting Japan tourist visa nowadays is quite easy. As long as you have proper and complete requirements, application should be a breeze. Contradict to everyone’s advice, one should only apply visa first before buying air flight ticket since there’s no 100% assurance of getting approval. But, since we bought our ticket few months already from an airline promo we are a bit pessimists for this application and just rely to the fact that we are previously South Korea visa holder and that we can also pass proper documents as required by the embassy.

Where to apply Japan visa?

Unlike South Korea application where you can go directly to the embassy and apply by yourself,  Japan embassy on the other hand are strict about personal application and only allow travel agencies to process it instead. List of accredited agencies are listed on their site.

We applied last September 27, 2017, seven (7) weeks before our departure date at Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation located at 3rd Floor Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati. They have branch in Cebu as well. In fact, there are 3 accredited travel agencies available in Dusit Hotel. We just went to the nearest and lesser crowd that time.

Other accredited travel agencies in Dusit Makati:

  • Universal Holidays (Mezzanine Floor)
  • Reli tours & Travel Agency (3rd floor)
  • Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation (3rd floor)

So here are the steps that we’ve done for the application:

STEP 1: Secure Required Documents and Check details for the application Form

Staffs in Friendship Travel Agency are attentive and professional; they will check your items thoroughly, making sure that you have the proper and complete requirements to avoid issues on the future. They have this checklist presented to you as to guide you with the application.

Visa application costs PHP 1,200.00 at Friendship Tours. I’ve checked the fee at Reli Tours and it is just PHP 950.00. Fee really varies per agency I guess.

These are the items that we gave to the travel agency during our application for Japan Visa. Take note that original documents will not be returned except your passport. Once your application is approved, the embassy will be the one to paste the visa on your passport.

  1. Philippine Passport

Your passport should be atleast 6 months valid, in good condition and have atleast two (2) blank visa pages.

My passport got mutilated way back 2015 and I did some actions to check if I can still use them but still ended up with renewal 🙁

2. Visa Application Form

Should be in A4 size

The form is downloadable in Japan embassy site – It is also available at any accredited travel agencies. Since we are a bit hesitant with the paper size, we opt to fill up the form from the agency instead.

Tips: There is a portion on the form where they require you to specify the name, address and contact number of the hotel or person where you intend to stay. If you still haven’t booked any, just put the name of the hotel or Airbnb of your target.

Sample application form is displayed below

3. Picture

This is required and will be pasted on the visa application form. It should be 4.5cm x 4.5cm in white background and should be recently taken. All photo shops has available package for Japan visa (they already know the size and what to do). We availed the package from Tronix center at MRT station for 67 pesos.


4. Birth Certificate

All of the requirements, this is what we failed to check. As specified on the embassy’s site, it must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide), yet we didn’t paid attention to that.

 You can request for the latest copy of your birth certificate and marriage certificate thru NSO Helpline for PHP 350.00. They deliver certificates nationwide. As a result, the agency didn’t process our application until we can submit the latest one.

In case of late registration, you are required to submit baptismal certificate and school record (Form 137) from HS or Elementary and/or School Yearbook (if possible).

On instances that you don’t have any record from PSA (Philippine Statistics Office), you need to submit a Certificate of non-record issued by PSA and your Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registrar.

Previous Japan visa holders are exempted to submit Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract (if married). Just bring the passport with the visa during application.

5. Marriage Certificate (if applicant is married)

Same with Birth Certificate, it should be latest and issued from PSA. Previous Japan visa holders are exempted to submit Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract (if married). Just bring the passport with the visa during application.

6. Daily itinerary / schedule in Japan (TAIZAI YOTEIHYO)

This is required as well. Since we don’t plan on our trip yet, we decided to get itinerary from the internet and modify it a bit to match our plan.


7. Bank Certificate

If you will shoulder all the expense for the trip, you need to submit a Bank Certificate that you can get from your local bank. The certificate contains authorization that you indeed have an account from this branch and the total amount balance as of the date of the request.

We also submit Bank Statement as an additional proof. The statement contains a certain date range of all the transactions you’ve made. You can submit more than one bank certificate and/or statement if applicable.

8. Applicant’s Income Tax Return (Form 2316)

If you will shoulder all the expense for the trip, you need to submit your latest ITR as well. You can request this from your work’s Human resource.


9. Guarantee letter

You can download the Letter here in in English and in Japanese 

10. Proof of relationship between applicant and guarantor

Any document like Latest birth certificate

11. Guarantor’s Bank Certificate and Income Tax Return


12. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Only applicable to long term or permanent resident in the Philippines. Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate are not required.

Step 2: Wait for the agency to contact you

The agency will forward the request to the embassy. For instance that additional documents or interview is required; the agency will inform you right away.

Step 3: Releasing of Visa

Passport will be forwarded to agency office. Applicant will receive a text message from the agency’s office. We got our visa after 3 days, earlier than their target 5-7 processing days. The text message will not disclose if your application is approved or rejected!

Application approval is still the embassy’s discretion. The agency is not responsible for the rejection as they only submit the application. From what I read, the embassy does not disclose any reason of rejection. Sad thing is you can re-apply again after 3 months.

To claim your passport and visa, just go to the agency’s releasing window and voila Hello Japan!

I would like to request for a multiple visa entry

As Japan and Philippines celebrate fruitful years of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, the government allowed issuance of multiple entry visas for short term visit to Filipinos.
Applicant must submit a separate multiple-entry visa form with additional documents to prove qualification for a multiple-entry visa. A brief reason is required as well to justify why you need to have multiple entry visa.

To be eligible, applicant must fall to any of the following:

  • Applicant with history of temporary visit to Japan in the last three (3) years, no domestic law violation in Japan and has sufficient financial capacity for travel expenses.
  • Applicant with history of temporary visit to Japan in the last three (3) years, no domestic law violation in Japan and has several history of travel visa as temporary visits to G7 countries excluding Japan in the last three (3) years. Part of G7 countries are US, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK, France and Canada.
  • Applicant with abundant financial capacity.
  • Spouse or Child of a person with abundant financial capacity.

I would like to request for a different visa category

For other visa category, you can visit Japan embassy website for the list of completed requirements.

Main Office | 3rd. Floor, Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City
02-810-9622 | 02-893-8180 | 0917-548-1810
Cebu Branch | Unit 215A Business Center B, Oakridge Business Park, Mandaue City
032-345-3459 | 032-344-4825 | 0917-724-3373

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