Kevin’s Toys and Library Playarea at Glorietta 4 Makati

While mother dear and little Sophie’s mom took some me time, here we are sending her to the playground at Kevin’s Toys and Library Play area!

Kevin’s Toys and Library is conveniently located at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 4 Makati. The place is actually small and basic and since it’s the only playground at Glorietta, this might get really crowded especially on weekend or holidays.

I’ve also noticed that most of the kids here play by themselves (most of the parents are just outside the premise especially for older kids). I’ve also read from a review that you can actually leave your kids here while you do your me time and just go back on the assigned time.
The staffs here are very caring and approachable. They usually stand by on areas where it is not that safe for kids to play alone like the slides and elevated climbing area.

The toys and areas here range from princess dolls and plushies, super heroes action figures, a mini library, an inclined climbing area, a loft for dress up costumes, a mini slides, building blocks area and mini ball pit tubs.

How much is the entrance fee?

An hour entry costs PHP 235.00 on Weekdays and PHP 260.00 on Weekends or Holidays. Extensions and unlimited play are also available. Guardian can enter the premise for PHP 30.00 each.

Upon entrance, you will be requested to register on their fingerprint / biometric scanner. It is done during entry and exit as a remark and contract that your child is still inside or already left the establishment.

What should my child wear?

Wearing socks for the children and adults are required inside the play area. You can buy a pair of socks at the counter if you forgot to bring for PHP 35.00. Bringing food and drinks inside are not allowed, so a dedicated locker area is available at the entrance.

What are the activities that we can expect there?

Dolls, plushies and super hero action figures

Little Sophie loves the reversible Frozen and Sophia the First plushies! Elsa and Anna in one reversible doll and Sophia and Amber on the second! I wish we can buy the same toy here in pinas but sadly it’s only available in Amazon 🙁

Books are just few and mostly suitable for bigger kids because text are usually small and doesn’t contain big picture to caught attention for the little tots.


Mini Ball Pit Tubs

Sophie loves the Ball Pit, though this is the smallest ball pit that we’ve visited so far (smaller than the ball pit at Cosmic Kids Playground). There are 2 ball pits available on the area and can host 5 kids inside at the same time.


Loft for Dress up costumes

This one is our fave spot. Way back, Sophie doesn’t like to be dressed with costumes but the princess dress especially Elsa’s gown is game changer.

Though most of the sizes doesn’t fit well to her so we tend to fold and tie it on ways that she can wear it comfortably while playing.

Hail Queen Elsa!
Queen Elsa on her broom broom 😀
Sophie as Princess Sophia the First (and the plushie)!
Sophie as Princess Anna with Elsa doll!


Mini Slide

Sophie also loves the slide. Though, they only have a single slide inside. It is is a bit short so it’s totally perfect for little kids. Staffs usually stand near the entrance of the slide to support kids while playing on this section or to remind the makukulit kids to slide properly.

Final thoughts

So far, this is the smallest play area that we have visited but place wise this is really good since this is located inside the mall. Staffs are the friendliest that we’ve met so far. They are hands on with the kids and offer you hand sanitizer upon entrance and exit. The price is relatively close to other play areas but the guardian fee here is the cheapest. Overall, good option especially when your just around the Makati CBD area.

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