Kids Happy Time Playground at Mckinley Hills Taguig

Kids Happy Time is a newly opened indoor children playground conveniently located in Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills.

It is also being offered in Metrodeal for discounted voucher but weekend reservation is a must so we just availed the regular walk in rates.

Kids Happy Time Playground at Mckinley Hills Taguig

What are the age limit for Kids Happy Time?

There are no minimum age limit but children 7 years old and below must be accompanied by an adult inside the play area.

For max age limit, based on their rules, children and adults above 13 years old is restricted to play inside. But as observed with all the playground that we’ve visited, this is not really being followed.

How much is the entrance fee?

Metrodeal only offers discounted voucher for 3 hours or unlimited play. In Metrodeal, 3 hours play costs PHP 188.00 and Unlimited play for PHP 288.00

For the regular walk in rates, PHP 199.00 is good for a 60mins play; PHP 299.00 for 90mins; PHP 399.00 for 3hours and PHP 599.00 for Unlimited day play.

Play fee at Kids Happy time

The entrance rates is good for a child entry and one accompanying adults. An extra adult can join but needs additional payment of PHP 120.00 for any play time duration.

What should my child wear?

Wearing socks for the children and adults are required inside the play area. You can buy a pair of socks at the counter if you forgot to bring for PHP 50.00. Bringing food and drinks are not allowed, so a dedicated locker area is available at the entrance.

Lockers and Shoe area are available at the entrance

For the kids, I highly recommend that they wear comfortable clothes, preferably, tights or leggings and shirt with sleeves to avoid minor scratches and burns.

What are the activities that we can expect there?

Pirates of the Carribean

Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted with the inviting sound of children rhymes and slides within the ball pit. Since little Sophie loves ball pit she run immediately towards it.

Pirates of the Carribean – First ball pit area

Pirates of the Carribean is the first ball pit area. Compared to other ball pit areas, this is relatively smaller and perfect for toddlers. Little Sophie found a playmate here and she giggles every time they race towards the entrance of the slide.

Story Telling Area

Story telling area at Kids Happy Time

The story telling area is fit for non maligalig kids. Mom and their little ones can stay here and relax while reading books from the shelf. We didn’t attempt to go inside the pen because Sophie has the habit of ruining papers and books at home and we don’t want to pay for it.

Sand Box area

Of all the playground that we have visited, this play area is the most unusual because of their sand box area. The “sand” used here are actually Cassia Seed so it is safe for the kids, less messy and texture is less sticky.

Sandbox area are using Chia seeds as its “sand”

The only downside of this type of play area is its maintenance since the seeds scatters around the place especially the ball pit section. When I first stepped on the ball pit I thought that there are left over foods inside where in fact it is just the seeds from the sand box.

Little Merry Go round

Sophie also loves the carousel. Whenever we visited the mall and passed through the arcades she always says “Tita, horse lang” referring to the horse figurine from the carousel.

This is how Sophie rides the carousel!

Larger Ball pit area

Sophie caught in the act of jumping towards the ball pit area! Ang saya lang nya talaga.

Another ball pit is available in the area. The entrance is a bit tricky since you need to pass through series of small passages that are suitable for kids only – but this are designed for tots right so I’m not complaining here!

A bigger ball pit area is also available at Kids Happy time

When we visited there, a lot of adults were doing pictorial inside the ball pit area, making it difficult for kids to do their thing. Like, seriously? 😛

One of Kids Happy time role-playing area – the Hospital

Role Playing Area

The place also has role-playing area like mini hospital, supermarket, doll house and others. Sophie found a playmate here and luckily they did not fight over the things found inside there.

One of Kids Happy time role-playing area – the Supermarket


Trampoline House

Another unique play area of Kids Happy Time is their Trampoline House. From outside the house, you can hear kid’s giggle as they jump and bounce their heart out with other kiddos. Though, this is not suitable for little tots because when a hoard of other kids play inside, there is a tendency that they might get step on.

Trampoline House at Kids Happy time. The place are enclosed with foam so kids are still safe even they fell down

Kiddie driving track area

The driving track area has different car toys, passages and toy gasoline kits. This is also unique place but due to limited car toys, kids may fight over this matter because you know – kids. They can also role-play here by pretending that they are gasoline staff or the driver itself. Following paths and directions can be practiced here as well since there are many miniature tunnel in the area that thetcan pass thru.

Sophie playing as a gasoline girl from the driving track area


Is the play area safe?

I commend this place for being child proof play area. Though they are relatively newly opened, they make sure that the place are safe for the kids. But protection really depends on your definition, since this a playground, kids may go ecstatic and accident is inevitable.

Final thought

The place is perfect for toddlers. It is less extreme and there are a lot of areas to play from. Though, for me the place is a bit congested. Overall, I would like to bring Sophie here again. Worth the visit.

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