Kidzcity: Play and Party Center at SM Aura BGC

Last weekend, we visited Kidzcity which is located in SM Aura BGC. It is a play and party indoor area in the metro where your little kid can explore their imagination and spend their day with fun and excitement.

The place is also being offered in Metrodeal so if you intend on visiting there you might wanna check that out. The place is literally located in the basement area of the mall, so having visited the mall for the first time, we find it awkward and difficult to find.

How much is the entrance fee?

  • 30 minutes – PHP 200.00
  • One hour – PHP 280.00
  • Whole day – PHP 480.00
  • Adult Pass – PHP 120.00

What are the activities that we can expect there?

Before entering the play area, you need to register at the encoding. Personnel will take photo of your little kiddo and the parent as well. The purpose of this is for the employees to easily recognize you when the play time is already over.

Encoding is required before entering the play area.


After encoding, you need to place your baggage and shoes in the luggage area. Children and adults must wear socks inside the play area.

After that, it’s play time!

First stop, Ball Pit.

Little Sophie loves the ball pit! Kids will surely enjoy this part. It almost occupy the first floor and is home to this big tubes / slides in the center. For me, the tube area is suitable for an already adult kid since they are capable of going up and down with little adult supervision. But for toddlers, it needs further improvements in child proofing since the sides and opening of the tube doesn’t contain any foam at all. During our visit, one parent complained about this so I guess this is already an ongoing issue on that place.

Ball Pit for everyone!


One of the customer complained about the tube. Personnel checked the area and hopefully reported it to the management 🙁


Second stop, Board Area.

It’s on the left side of the area and contains stuffs such as white boards. Kids, time for planning I guess?

This side of the area is also suitable for an already grown up kid especially those that loves drawing. She didn’t stay that much here. Maybe, at her age she still doesn’t appreciate this type of activity. My two cents about this area is the edge of the board doesn’t have any child proofing. If kids decided to run and push each other on this place, their heads might get bumped on that edge.

Our little Sophie, loves to write abstract words. Hahaha. Can you decode what she have written in here please?


Third stop, Second Floor Loft.

To be fair, this side of the area has foams installed on the edges of the stairs. Time to go to the second floor loft.

The area has a mini library, a nursery, a dental shop and an area that looks like a laboratory. We didn’t stay much here as well because little Sophie freaked out upon seeing this baby dolls sleeping quietly and at peace.

The second floor loft is also the passage for the mini spaceship located in the center of the area just above the ball pit. Imagine adults crawling their way to that tube! Little Sophie loves this area as well. She giggles loudly as she passed through this tube on her way to that ship.

After the meet and horror greeting with the baby dolls, we decided to just stay on the ball pit area to calm her down. After the cool down, here we are again back to playing!

What are the age limit for Kidzcity?

All ages are allowed in the play area. Though, children five (5) years and below must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at least 18 years of age at all time.

What should my child wear?

Children and adults must wear socks when inside the play area. Any comfortable clothing preferably leggings and shirt is recommended. Though, we forgot to put leggings to our little Sophie that day and luckily she didn’t get any scratches or burns.

Do’s and dont’s inside the play area?

  • Shoes should be removed and placed in the entrance. No dedicated locker available.
  • They don’t allow water and foods inside the play area. If you want to feed your kids, you need to go to the shoe / baggage area.
  • Bag and other large baggage are not allowed inside the area. But, as always they are not responsible to any loss.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed inside the play area.

 Final thought

Personally, I have mixed thoughts on this place. Even though the place lacks of child proofing, our little Sophie enjoyed here especially the Ball pit area (she’s a big fan!) except the second floor where we discovered that she has fears of baby dolls!

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