Kidzoona: A hip playground in the metro

Kidzoona is a new hip play area in the metro where your little ones will surely enjoy. Their indoor playground idea originates from Japan and aims to reinforce child’s motor skills. Kids can also acquire communication skill there since they can interact with other children.

After a week without seeing little Sophie, it’s time to treat her with her favorite thing to do – play time! So, one Saturday morning, we decided to try this huge play area located in Uptown Mall in BGC Global Taguig.

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What are the age limit for Kidzoona?

No minimum age limit requirements for the playground. But personally, I think that toddlers are the ideal audience here since they recognized items and already enjoys physical activities. All children must be accompanied at all times by an adult guardian (12 years and above) since the establishment claims that they will not be responsible for any injury or accident in the premises.

For the maximum age limit – based on their rules, children and adults above 12 years old are restricted on the play area. As per our experience, this is not being followed and the one rule that they cannot control. Personally, you cannot just leave your child alone, climbing and jumping on an area unaided, even if it’s advisable safe.

How much is the entrance fee?

For Uptown Mall BGC, PHP 300.00 is good for 90 minutes and PHP 400.00 for 3 hours. The entrance is good for a child and one accompanying adult. An extra adult can join but needs additional payment of PHP 150.00 for any duration.

One year old below is free of charge but the accompanying adult must pay the additional fee. Prices for the entrance and add-on adult varies per area.

What should my child wear?

Wearing socks for the children and adults are required inside the play area. A dedicated locker area is available for your stuffs upon entrance. Sharp objects should be removed as well to prevent damages on the equipment and deter injuries.

For the kids, I highly recommend that they wear comfortable clothes, preferably, tights or leggings and shirt with sleeves to avoid minor scratches and burns. As per our experience, the inflatable slides can cause burns especially on adults.

What are the activities that we can expect there?

The 27m area is consist of different play sections that can cater all age groups. Our little Sophie loves the huge ball pit that houses the inflatable slide and the usual plastic slide. She also love the ice cream store from the role play area and the grocery store area where your kiddos can pretend to be a Cashier or a shopper.

Little Sophie loves the Ball Pit. I think we she can stay here for an hour but will behave for just a few minutes
This may be blurred but you can still see her smile on that slide. And yes, he slides like a child there as well.
Little Sophie is all set for the ride


The role play section is consist of replica shops and restaurants such as ice cream shop, burger shop, sushi restaurant, a flower shop and a lot more. Your kids can pretend that they work for the shop and prepare for the food or an item for their potential customers. To complete the role playing experience, they can wear a dedicated outfits that varies per shop. This play teaches them how to act as an adult and pretend to work while having fun.

The ice cream shop

look at what she’s doing on the cashier register!
want a scoop of choco and vanilla ice cream?
ice cream for sale, anyone?


The sushi store


The burger shop



The cyber wheel

Oops, we forgot to remove the hat from the sushi store.


The mini grocery store

First, pick the needed ingredients
Second, walk to the cashier
And pay for your hoarded stuffs

Is the play area safe?

Unwanted accident may happen anytime. It is best to closely monitor and accompany your kids at all time to prevent any incident. Kids may turn ecstatic and may lead to damaging stuffs or affect other kids on the area.

I’ve also read an incident last 2016 and I’m glad that they already put actions on those concern. Table edges already have corner guards installed and also, employees are now roaming around the area with first aid kits with them. We, the adults, got burned from the inflatable slides and the employee helped us by applying some ointments on the affected area (they helped us after we told them about what happened).

Final thought

I would like to bring little Sophie here again. The 90 minutes play is really not enough for our little toddler, so, if you have a lot of time go for the 3 hours pass. The only part that we don’t like here is that there’s no changing area inside, so, it is a little hassle to go outside and notify them about your re-entry. Other than that, I highly recommend this place.

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