Real Heroes: Hassle Free Online bus booking via Biyaheroes

Let’s face it, our public transportation really needs improvements in general. Most commuter’s problem, especially during holidays is the scarcity of public vehicles and mainly how to avail them. The normal flow would be a first come, first serve basis which is fair but it means literally and physically first in line. The main issue here is the risk of waiting for a long time or worst having no seat availability at all.

This have been our dilemma when we planned our weekend trip to La Union on such short period of time. So, when I searched through the net and found Partas bus company site, it’s a surprise that an online Booking Trip is readily available for me.

The service was offered by Biyaheroes and from my experience their site is quite user-friendly. The payments are also flexible since it can be done through credit card, bank bills payment thru or any bills service payment like LBC or those found on known department stores.

Their customer service communication is via email and SMS, so, the response is fairly speedy. For the booking, you can pick your preferred time, specify the drop off point, pick your preferred seats location and identify your passenger status (if you’re a senior citizen or student).

During claiming, you need to be on the terminal for at least an hour. Be mindful though that you need to be there on the claiming window time or else it might be forfeited which means your seats will passed to chance passengers. Also, some bus departs on early time especially if all passengers are already settled on their seats.

Furthermore, be sure to have a printed itinerary (it’s the PDF file that you’ll received from the mail – where a lists of passengers is itemized) and just to be sure, bring a copy of the credit card used and the card owner’s government Id during claiming. But for my experience, the personnel only require the printed PDF itinerary and does not request any identification card at all.

Advantage of advanced booking

  • A bliss booking with a reserved seating arrangement.

Disadvantage of advanced booking

  • On top of the regular rate, the booking involves 10% service charge.

Claiming your ticket in Partas terminal:

As suggested, you need to claim your ticket at least 30 mins to an hour before the departure time. Proceed to the designated Biyaheroes window inside the terminal and present the printed copy of the PDF itinerary.

The personnel highly recommends that all members of the itinerary is already present inside the terminal. We arrived an hour before the departure time but we’re still incomplete so the personnel suggested that we wait for the remaining member of the group. We claimed our ticket 30 minutes before the departure time.

Steps on how to book:

  1. From Partas site – click the book now button ( Only click this if you prefer Partas liner. If you don’t prefer any bus line, navigate directly to Biyaheroes site (


  1. Once clicked, you’ll be redirected to the Biyaheroes site (!/bookings/create?business=55837cfbf84f99c4b1a9ded1)

Type in your Destination, Origin, No of Seats and Departure time. Main Drop-off Point is optional but mainly recommended especially if you don’t know the place. For San Juan La Union (Surfing area), we choose the following criteria:

Destination: San Fernando La Union (Tip: They recommend that you choose Vigan as destination and just specify the main drop off)

Origin: Cubao, Quezon City

Main Drop Off: Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union

Once done with the criteria click Search Schedules.

  1. Once clicked, a list of available schedules will be displayed. Trips from online run from 9am to 11pm only but for other regular non booking trips (chance trips), they offer it almost hourly.
  2. Once a time of departure is selected, a real time seat selection will be displayed. Choose your preferred time and complete the Passenger details.

  1. After completing the Passenger details, you have options for payment either via Bank Over the counter payment, 7/11, LBC, Bayad Centers and instant online payments (Credit card, Paypal, Unionpay or Bitcoin).

  1. After successful payment and booking was confirmed, a thank you page with reference Id will be displayed. A separate email and text message will be sent out to you including the PDF itinerary with the list of all the passengers. As per their instruction, you need to present a printed copy of the PDF itinerary and present it to the designated counter in Partas terminal in exchange of the bus receipt that you’ll present to the conductor upon hoping in.

Few reminders from their site:

  1. FOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS: You are STRICTLY REQUIRED to leave a copy of the CREDIT/DEBIT CARD HOLDER’S VALID ID and front copy of the CREDIT/DEBIT CARD used to Biyaheroes Support and the ticketing officer. NO REQUIREMENT, NO BOARDING. Please understand that this security protocol is for your safety and security, and we are doing this to protect your transactions.
  2. Arrive before your check-in time to secure your tickets and process your check-in baggage, if any. PTCI reserves the right to offload passengers for failure to arrive on time and/or presentation of identification documents.
  3. Present your printed reservation voucher or SMS to the ticketing booth to exchange it with your bus ticket/s. PTCI reserves the right to reseat passengers in the event of bus type substitution, or for safety, security, regulatory and operational reasons.
  4. PTCI Ticketing Personnel may check your reservation details and identification. Bring a government-issued ID and all other relevant ID (proof of Senior Citizenship or as Student) for verification.
  5. For load planning, it is best to declare the quantity of your baggages. Depending on load volume, one piece handcarry baggage small enough for stowing in the overhead bins is allowed. Freight charges may apply for excess or voluminous luggages stowed in the bus compartment
  6. 10% Processing Fee is applied for every successful rebooking of reservations.
  7. 25% Penalty Fee is applied for every cancellation of reservation or no-show.
  8. Online service charge is non-refundable.
  9. Pets are allowed for travel with a passenger companion only after consideration of restriction concerns of other passengers, and provided that the companion presents the proper documents (Travel Clearance) from the Bureau of Animal Industry.
  10. Trip schedules and bus assignments may change without prior notice. This may be due to unforeseen weather changes, road and traffic conditions, holidays, maintenance and security measures.
  11. Please ensure that you have read the above mentioned terms and conditions for travel, and other important notices prior to the commencement of your travel.

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