10 Must try streetfoods in Myeongdong

After visiting Everland and Gangnam “Horse Dance” stage, we decided to end the day with a light dinner at Myeongdong streetfood haven. This place is jumpacked not only with foreign tourists but also locals who also end their day with shopping and dinner as the place not just offer various cosmetic shop but also cafes, salons and restaurants. For this, we compiled the must try streetfoods that we’ve found during winter season in Myeongdong.

How to get to Myeongdong streetfood market

From Myeongdong Subway Line 4, depart to exit 6 or exit 8.

#1: Egg bun

Locally known as Gyeran-ppang is a popular winter street food in Korea. It is a fluffy, oblong-shaped bread which has a slight sweet and salty taste and somehow similar to a corn muffin. A whole egg is cracked and cooked inside the batter balancing the sweet and salty taste of bread and boiled egg. The one that we’ve bought has almond, peanuts and sunflower seed toppings.

Usual price starts at WON 2,000

#2: Roast Lobster with Cheese

The steaming hot from the lobster tail and melted cheese is a perfect food during winter. Watch how the lobster is being cooked on it’s shell and as the cheese soften on top – while they torched it right in front of you!

Usual price starts at WON 15,000

#3: Mandu and Tteok-bokki

Mandu is Korea’s version of dumplings. They typically contain mixture of ground pork, vegetables and kimchi or other variations. Mandu can be steamed, boiled or fried. The one’s available in Myeondong are usually pan-fried.

Tteokbokki or stir fried rice cake is made from a sticky chewy rice cake cooked in a spicy chili paste. We’ve already tried this in a Korean cafe in Manila but this one in Myeongdong has a special spicy kick – it helps me cure the “jetlag” from our flight. I’m not really fan of spicy food but since the weather is rough, we almost managed to finish a plate.

Usual price for Mandu starts at WON 1,000 and 3,000 for Rice cake

#4 Cotton Candy

This artsy floss caught our attention. Normally designed with rainbow colour perfect for Millenial’s instagram post.

Usual price starts at WON 2,000

#5 Cone Pizza

Innovation now reached the food business like this cone-shaped pizza from Kono Pizza. They are originally from Italy and are now available on the busy streets of Korea. We’ve tried the Margherita flavor which has tomato, cheese, basil and olive oil. They also have different flavors like Bulgogi, Hot and Mild Chicken and others. One to go pizza please!

Usual price starts at WON 5,000

#6 Banana Nutella Crepe

One of my fave streetfood in Myeongdong is this Banana Nutella Crepe. It’s not a traditional streetfood in Korea but more of western influence. The combination of banana, nutella and cereals wrapped in crepe is the perfect dessert for this foodtrip.

Usual price starts at WON 3,000

#7 Spicy chicken with Tteokboki

Also known as Dakgangjeong – it is a deep fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce. The one in Myeongdong has the combination of boneless bite sized chicken and rice cake.

Usual price starts at WON 3,000 to WON 5,000 

#8 Tteok Galbi Meatball

Tteokgalbi is a rice cake beef ribs. There is no literal rice cake on the ingredients but it came from the process of shaping the meat like rice cakes. The one in Myeongdong are in the form of meatballs attached to the skewers – making it easy to stroll the busy street while eating.

Usual price starts at WON 3,000

#9 Taiyaki

Locally known as Bungeo-ppang or carp bread is one of common winter streetfood in Korea. Don’t worry as the fish shaped bread doesn’t contain any fish ingredients at all but was derived to the fish-shaped molds. Usually stuffed with sweetened red bean paste but you can find different flavors as well like Sweet potato, nutella, banana and cheese.

Usual price starts at WON 3,000

#10 Strawberries

Healthy streetfood is also available in Korea as this cute looking strawberries are available in Myeondong. Price varies per size.

Usual price starts at WON 1,000 to 2,500 to WON 10,000

Aside from the foods listed above, there are a lot more to explore in Myeongdong. I will spoil you no more. Enjoy your foodtrip!


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