Seoul Day 2: Visiting Everland Theme Park South Korea

Everland is one of South Korea’s amusement park. It is home to different attraction such as T-Express (a wooden roller coaster and known as the steepest ride in the world), Safari World (a place to meet safari animals at a close distance), Kidz Village, Ferris Wheel and a lot of rides suitable for kids and adults.

Since this is our official first day in Seoul (we arrived at the city late night), we are still adjusting especially with the weather and how to go around the city. We actually came out of the hostel late than our original plan for the day.

How to get to Everland from Myeongdong

From Myeongdong, ride MRT to Gangnam station. Fare is around WON 1,350.00 and travel time is around 30mins.

Screenshot from Kakao Metro Mobile App.


From Myeongdong (Blue line) travel to Chungmuro (1 stop – blue line) and transfer to Chungmuro (orange line). Travel orange line and exit to Seoul National University of Education (orange line). Transfer to Green line and travel to Gangnam (1 stop).

From Gangnam station exit 10, walk towards the WHO.A.M shop

From Gangnam station, walk and exit towards Gate 10 and walk in the sidewalk until you reached the bus station 5002 to Everland and Caribbean bay. The station also share the same waiting area for buses going to Korean Folk Village. Loading area is in front of WHO.A.U shop and normally a lot of people queue on that area. The bus route will go directly to Everland and fare is around WON 2,500 for adults and WON 1,700 for kids. Travel time is around 1 hour from Gangnam bus station to Everland bus parking area.

From Everland bus parking area, walk towards the theme park shuttle service. This is a free shuttle bus that will transfer you from the parking area to the park’s main entrance. Transfer time usually took less than 5 minutes.

The local buses has a designated terminal area so to go back to Myeongdong or Gangnam, ride the same bus no at the terminal. Fare is also same (WON 2,500 for adults and WON 1,700 for kids).


Everland Entrance ticket

Since we bought our ticket from Klook, printed ticket is not required anymore for the entry. We just showed our e-voucher from mobile app upon entrance – Goodbye hassle ticket claiming!

Going around Everland

Everland is a huge place which consist of different areas like Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia. Since this is our first tour in Korea and we are still adjusting to the weather, we found ourselves uncomfortable walking around and had the need to go to the heaters installed in the area.

Area 1: Global Fair

(Map: Purple area)

The Global Fair area is located near the entrance of the park. It’s consist mostly of Gift shops, restaurants and customer information services. You can also find the famous Everland tree there. During afternoon and Christmas season, you can find Mr Santa Claus, Lenny Superstar and Lara flower mascots waiting for you near the big tree for a photo-op.

Area 2: American Adventure

 (Map: Blue area)

After the Global Fair area, we are greeted by the rides from American Adventure. The area is consist mostly of extreme rides such as Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Rolling X-train, Hurricane and such. So if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie then this is the best area for you. After walking and checking out the rides at American Adventure, we decided to grab some quick bites near the cable car before heading to our next destination.

The snack bar has fair choices of snacks. We bought that cute Cheese Corn dog dressed as a snowman for WON 3,500 and Spicy Chicken Skewer – one of my fave food in Korea – for WON 4,800. I’m not really fan of spicy food, but man, this skewer is a game changer.

After the light snack, we headed to Sky Cruise. It is a cable car going to Magic Land and will lessen the walking time especially if you want to go directly to that area.

Area 3: Magic Land

(Map: Red area)

After riding the cable car for a few minutes, we landed in Magic Land  The area has child-friendly rides like Kids Village, Magic Cookie house, Helicycle, Bumper car and such. So if you visited the park with a child, this is the recommended place for you.

Since we don’t find any rides that we liked from that area, we decided to go back to Global Fair via cable car and headed to Zootopia.

From Global Fair, you need to ride a Human Sky (ski lift) that will bring you directly to the Wild Beast park (lion and tiger area).

Area 4: Zootopia

(Map: Orange area)

For me, Zootopia is the largest area in Everland and the best place for the family. Here you can see arrays of animals such as Birds, Safari animals, Monkeys, Sea lions, Penguins, Pandas and more.

When we arrived at Zootopia via Human Sky, we are then greeted by Tigers and Lions from the Wild beast area. Then, we headed to the Birds Paradise to check out different specifies of birds.

We also managed to watch Sea Lion show at the Sea Lion stadium (map No. 134). They still allowed us to watch even we arrived late and the show already started. One thing that I don’t like about the show is the language is not foreign friendly (though I’m not sure if they run English shows on different time), nonetheless, we still get the humor and enjoyed the show.

After the show, we headed to Safari World. The area showcases animals from Wild Safari such as lions, tigers and bears. It is an opportunity to see wild animals on their natural habitat at a very close distance and without stressing and distracting them. You will get on board an enclosed safari vehicle and will roam inside the safari park. We saw this cute grizzly bear doing a basketball trick on a cold day!

We then visited Lost Valley Safari Adventure. Here you can find unique animals in real feel of their life in the wilderness. First stop – land animals, we saw a domestic goat, giraffes and zebras roaming around the park. Then the fun part, the vehicle we are riding on transformed to an amphibian vehicle, crossed the man made river and passed through the homes of the elephants, lions and flamingos and others!

Area 5: European Adventure

(Map: Green area)

After visiting Safari World, we took our late lunch at Magic Time Restaurant in European Adventure area. The restaurant offers different cuisine such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Italian varieties. We ordered Hamburg set with Udon noodles at WON 13,000 each from Japanese section. The park did not state that bringing of food is prohibited, so I guess, we should have just brought our own food instead to lessen the expense! Haha!

European Adventure is also where the famous T-Express is located. The T-Express is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. You should place your ride reservation just beside the entrance of the ride to avoid queuing. But since we are scared to try this out, we settled and agreed to just try the T-Express VR version. Here you will seat down in a special 4D chair and experience the lesser feels of T-Express while wearing Visual Reality glasses.

And for the finale, we tried Mystery Mansion. The goal is to shoot “ghosts” with a laser gun inside the haunted mansion which consist of 4 players per ride. Scores will be displayed at the end of the ride.


Final thoughts

Everland is designed to separate different attractions for different types of people. Extreme rides are segregated against the less aggressive to cater people based on their age group. Overall, the park was able to serve the type of entertainment for all members of the family. Also, you’ll be able to see two different sides of fun – it may be a theme-park ride or discovering different animals on a stress-free way.

To plan out your visit more, you can check the downloadable Everland Guide Map from their site.


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