Seoul Day 5: Lotte World Adventure

On our 5th and last day in Seoul, we’ve visited Bukchon Hanok Village on the morning and half of the day on Lotte World Adventure.

Lotte World is the biggest indoor park, entertainment and recreation area that I’ve been to. The whole place is sub-divided into different areas:

  • Lotte World Adventure – biggest indoor park in Seoul
  • Lotte World Magic Island – is an outdoor theme park situated on an artificial island in the middle of Seokchon Lake. This outdoor park is best for adrenaline junkies since the park host different extreme rides including their famous Gyro Drop (a tower drop with a high-altitude; free-fall ride followed by sudden heavy deceleration).
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hotel
  • Theater
  • Folk Museum – this one is my favorite. Perfect for those who don’t want to go extreme but still love to explore the area. Learn Korea’s history on an interactive museum display showcasing South Korea’s pre-modern up to the modern era.



Screen from KakaoApp. Since we’ve visited Bukchon Village, we came from Anguk station to Jamsil where Lotte World is located



 By Subway

Subway Line 2 to Jamsil Station. Lotte Mart Jamsil is connected to the subway’s exit. To reach Lotte World adventure, walk towards Exit 4.

You can book Lotte World Ticket ahead of time and claim it on the Lotte World South Gate (First floor). From subway station exit 4, walk towards Lotte World Adventure entrance. To claim the Lotte World ticket from advance booking, walk towards the Lotte World Adventure entrance, upon entrance is Lotte Department store. Go down to the first floor South Gate entrance and exchange your voucher to a physical ticket.


Photo grabbed from Klook
Lotte World Adventure’s South Gate entrance

You can also buy on the same day but ticket is cheaper when booked ahead. Ticketing office can be found on the second floor area. Follow the same direction as above, ticketing office for same day can be found on the second floor area right before you proceed to the South Gate entrance.

Physical ticket for Lotte World Adventure

Since we only have few hours left before our departure to Manila, we’ve decided to only spend our remaining time inside the Indoor Adventure park and check out the Korea Folk Museum. We bought our Lotte World Ticket in advanced and claim it on the South Gate entrance. Upon entrance is a colorful design of Christmas decors since we’ve visited near the Christmas season. We passed thru Garden Stage where we watched an already ongoing Christmas Miracle show.

We didn’t spend much time here because we are already starving. On our way to Lotteria (Lotte’s Restaurant), we’ve passed thru this big skating rink. This is so far the biggest indoor skating rink that I’ve saw. If we only knew how to skate we should have tried and stayed there.

We start our Lotte World Adventure with a brunch in Lotteria and ordered Hamburg with Rice and extra Udon with Fish cake.

After a quick brunch, we headed to the first floor area where we found a bunch of entertainment machines for kids. The Indoor Adventure Park is mostly for the kids so if you want to spend extreme, head to the Magic Island. We passed thru different videogames but most of it are in Korean so we’ve just wandered around and decided to try a not so extreme Horror house but unluckily, all the indoor rides closes 30 minutes before 1:00pm to make way to the Lotte Christmas Parade in the indoor park. So we’ve just stayed on a designated area provided for the parade .

The Christmas Parade is marvelous, the parade starts with an indoor fireworks followed by a continuous Magical park songs in the background. The staffs in Christmas costume started to evade the aisle. There are magical elfs, Santa’s in a rolling float, Miss Santa, Gingerbread, Snowman and all the cute Christmas related items that you can think of. They dance and casually stop to greet visitors. It’s a surreal experience especially to the kids. The entire parade show will run for 30 minutes.

After the show, we headed to the Folk Museum located on the 3rd floor area of Indoor Park. This is one of our favorite area in Lotte. There are folk cultural displays, miniature villages that explains the Korean history. The entrance to the Folk Museum is already included on the Lotte World Day entrance. The museum starts with the evolution of man and the direct ancestors of Korean which is the Mandal Man.

Then you can choose an area that focuses on each Three Kingdom of Korea. We’ve just visited the Gogoryeo kingdom because Boink is a huge fan of Jumong and the said Korean drama tells the story of the founding monarch of the Goguryeo Kingdom.

The area has an array displays of miniature figurines that mimic the everyday living of the people during the era, relics, traditional dresses that differentiate people based on their status, miniature castle display, military costumes and royal accessories.

The museum also have intricate doll displays that shows the details of the palace and it’s people and also the ordinary member of the society.

We spent more than an hour inside the museum. And since we don’t have much time to spare in Korea, we’ve decided to head back to our hostel in Anguk, fetch our things and prepare for our departure to the Airport. Eventhough we only explored Lotte World on a short period of time, we still enjoyed our visit especially the Folk Museum and would like to try the Magical Island next time. Thank you Korea and we’ll see you again!


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