Splash Island: Waterpark Resort near Metro | Guidelines and Attractions

An unplanned trip happened last weekend with my family as we decided to visit Splash Island, it is a water park in Binan Laguna. At 7:00 am that day, we decided to buy a Splash Island Metrodeal voucher for PHP 299.00 and used it the same day as well. At 10:00 am we arrived at the area and started the fun!


How to get to Splash Island
How to claim Metrodeal voucher
Can I bring outside food inside?
Where can I leave my stuffs?
Is there a Shower Area?
What to wear?
What to bring?
What are the water slide attractions there?
Aside from water slides, is there other attractions available?
How much is the Regular Admission?
What is the opening and closing time of Splash Island?
Final thought
Budget and Breakdown

How to get to Splash Island

We planned to avail their shuttle service at Starmall Alabang. Unfortunately, their pickup time is only until 8:00 AM contradicting to the schedule from Metrodeal e-voucher which is until 12:00NN. Though according to the driver, you can arrange a service and they will pick you up if you are at least 10 persons in a group. So, we opted for Grab 6 seater for PHP 300.00 instead.

via Grab

  • Luckily, Grab car already operates in Laguna and Cavite. Prices varies on the traffic situation and place of course.

via Shuttle Pickup

  • G/F Park Square Ayala Makati (Beside Dusit Hotel near SM Makati) – PHP 120.00 per head
  • Parking Lot Starmall Alabang (Alabang, Muntinlupa) – PHP 80.00 per head
  • The District Ayala Mall (Imus, Cavite)
  • Flying-V Gasoline Station (Turbina, Calamba)

via  Bus

Take a bus along Edsa with signage San Pedro / Pacita Complex. Alight at Jolibee Pacita and hire a tricycle to Splash island. Way back 2012, we paid PHP 100.00 per tricycle / per trip (we are 2 pax that time) to Splash island and PHP 150.00 per tricycle back to Jollibee Pacita. Better haggle a price if you want to avail the return trip with the same driver.


How to claim Metrodeal voucher

Onsite, a printed voucher is required but the fine print from metrodeal states that it is not required. During claiming, staff will scan the Barcode / Qrcode from the ticket, so, it is highly recommended to print each ticket or screenshot each voucher as image so that scanning will be smooth. A separate window is provided for regular and discounted tickets and queue might get really long. Once validate, you’ll be given a physical ticket which you will present in the entrance area.

Can I bring outside food inside?

A security will do inspection upon entrance. This is to make sure that you don’t bring any prohibited items such as deadly weapons, alcohols and other fragile objects. Outside foods and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the park as well. They even get little Sophie’s biscuit 🙁


Where can I leave my stuffs?

Lockers and Cabanas are available inside the park. Locker rental is the affordable and most ideal if you don’t have much stuffs and if you’re not in a big group. However, if you want to avail air-conditioned rooms for your family, a range of Cabanas are readily available in the area.

For Locker rental:

  • Locker Rental – PHP 150.00
  • Box Tupperware Rental – PHP 200.00 (need 1 Identification card)

We availed 2 Box Tupperware since the cheaper Locker Rental is not available anymore (units are already occupied and some keys are missing). The only thing that I dislike about this storage is your freedom to fetch your things inside easily since you need to ask staff to find your unit number and I find this process inconvenient.

For Cabanas Rental:

You can rent a cabanas or nipa hut onsite. Just go ahead to the souvenir shop to avail it.

  • Nipa Hut – Good for 15 pax – PHP 1,000.00
  • Tiki House – Small Aircon Cottage – PHP 1,200.00
  • Casitas – Aircon Room, Terrace Area – PHP 2,000.00
  • Tree House – Aircon Room, Dining Area – PHP 3,000 .00
  • Family Hall – Good for 100 pax / Non Aircon- PHP 5,000.00
  • Hawaiian – Fully Air conditioned, Sala, Room, Own Toilet and Bath – PHP 5,000.00

Is there a Shower Area?

Shower area are near the entrance area and near the Locker area. Things that I dislike about this are:

  • It is Huge which is good but not well maintained
  • There are cubicle changing area but no private showers
  • Public showers especially during closing time tends to be messy


What to wear?

The park recommends to wear proper swimming attires while one the slides and other attractions but not really required.


What to bring?

Since most of the attraction are in the water, I highly recommend bringing a Dry bag, or a waterproof cellphone holder especially if you don’t have a cabana rental. Bringing of food inside is not allowed but if you want you can bring your food and just eat it on the parking.


Where can I eat?

Since bringing of outside food is not allowed, option is to leave it on your car (outside parking area) or just avail food inside the park. Note that there are no other establishments outside so it’s a bit no choice but to eat inside. We bought the PHP 600.00 bilao food (good for 4 persons) in one of the restaurant in Fiesta sa Pulo; the bilao consist of a platter of fish, grilled pork and eggplant, sides of unriped mango with salted egg, rice and 4 pieces of tetra juice.


  • Fiesta sa Pulo – this is the park’s food court. Food range from PHP 200.00++ to PHP 1000.00 good for group meal.
  • Barbeque station – so far this stall sells the chepeast lunch food. Food range from PHP 100.00 to PHP 150.00
  • Tender Juicy Sandwich – sells hotdog on stick or on sandwich. Food range from PHP 40.00 to PHP 70.00.
  • Shakey’s PIzza – sells pizza and mojos. Food range from PHP 300.00 to PHP 660.00.
  • Hungry Juan Roasted Chicken – PHP 370.00
  • Freshly squeezed lemonade
  • Japanese Sweet corn

What are the water slide attractions there?

There are ample of water attractions in the area but they are just open on a specific schedule. Better plan on where to go.

By the way, there are photographers on each attractions, so if you want to get your souvenir picture, check out the Photo booth area by Photo Snap. Each pictures costs PHP 100.00 each.

For the slide attractions, check my other post here – Splash Island: Slides Attraction and What to See

Aside from water slides, is there other attractions available?

If you’re not really into water attractions, you can try other attractions inside the resort.

  • Wall Climbing – PHP 150.00 each
  • Zipline – PHP 200.00 each
  • Kayak – PHP 100.00 each
  • Paddle Boat – PHP 100.00 each
  • Mini Golf – PHP 50.00 each
  • Fish Spa – PHP 50.00 for  15 mins
  • Package:  PHP 350.00 for Zip line, Wall Climb, Kayak and Mini Golf


How much is the Regular Admission?

Regular Admission fee is PHP 500.00 each. Discounted vouchers are available on different sites like Facebook and Metrodeal. Children 3ft below are free of charge.


What is the opening and closing time of Splash Island?

The park is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Sunday. Though during off-peak season, operating dates & hours may change so better check their site for news.


Final thought

Since this my second time with the resort, I felt that nothing much changed (after 4 years). Though my family, whom are first time visitors, enjoyed the place – so overall I’ll give this a good place to spend on a weekend with family. The place is affordable especially if you availed the discounted voucher. The food is a bit pricey but luckily there a lot of options. The waterslides queue might get really long but the slide experience is worth the wait.


Budget and Breakdown

DAY 1 – Day tour

  • Grab 6 seater to Splash Island from Alabang – PHP 300.00
  • Entrance ticket from Metrodeal – PHP 299.00 each
  • Locker rental – PHP 400.00 (2 lockers; PHP 200.00 each)
  • Lunch at Fiesta sa Pulo – PHP 600.00
  • Soda in Can at Fiesta sa Pulo – PHP 40.00
  • Water at Fiesta sa Pulo – PHP 35.00
  • Avocado Fruit Shake at Fiesta sa Pulo – PHP 70.00
  • Hotdog in Bun – PHP 55.00
  • UV express to Alabang – PHP 80.00 each

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