Surfing Experience at Urbiztondo San Juan La Union

The main attraction of La Union is it’s surfing spots. The most popular one is located in Urbiztondo stretch where a lot of surfing schools offers lessons for beginners.

  • Surfing schools usually starts at 7am and will end until sunset
  • Surfing rates are same across all schools
A standard rate is implemented for all surfing schools in Urbiztondo
  • Some surfing boards are Go Pro ready. Just bring your mount accessory so you can attach it to the surf board
You can always ask your instructor for boards with Go Pro mount
Surf boards normally have the white mount accessory (Surfboard Mounts). You just need to bring the FCS Male Plug Mount (Black), Locking Plug (Metal) and ofcourse your camera.

  • During summer, a lot of tourist visits the area. So, the surfing area can be really crowded.

  • Lessons are preferably one on one but on peak seasons, instructor will accommodate 2 students or more at a time.
  • Board rental costs PHP 500.00. This includes the rental for the surfboard and an hour surfing lesson with an instructor.
  • If you feel that you are ready to go solo, then board rentals are available as well for PHP 200.00 good for an hour; PHP 500.00 for half day and PHP 800.00 for whole day.

I have zero knowledge in surfing, what would I expect?

  • While you’re still in the shore, the instructor will teach you about the forms and how to stand up properly on the surfboard.

  • If you don’t know how to swim, better tell it firsthand so the instructor will just stay on the shallows.
  • Once you are separated from your board, always remember to stay calm and pull the board towards you.
  • This activity can be dangerous and may lead to accident. Risk of drowning, collision to sharp objects or to other surfers and the danger of sea animals such as jellyfish stings may happen. Better get an instructor on your first surf ride for safety.
  • Don’t expect to get it on the first try. Learning how to surf can be really frustrating but once you get your balance and get a successful ride, I know for sure that you’ll crave for more.
My favorite surfing shot


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