Survival lesson at Swim Central

Four years ago, I was able to learn basic swimming techniques but the survival lesson is not part of it. So every time we go for snorkeling, I’m always afraid to remove my vest and try open water.

Last May, I decided to face  that fear and planned to enroll to a swimming lesson that will focus on water treading. During my search thru Facebook, I found Swim Central which aims students to be comfortable on open water. I told myself that this is it and immediately sent them a message.

Swim Central offers different lessons especially for adults that ranges from basic to survival to private programs. I chose the Makati area (Mares Scuba Diving) since I planned to attend after work. Swim Central held their classes on different locations but for survival classes, it is recommended to do it on pools with deeper depths so to mimic the open sea.

Two days after I paid the fair amount of 1000 pesos, I immediately started the first day of class!

Mares Scuba School in Makati

What to expect on each sessions?

I felt nervous on the first day. I felt paranoid for reasons that I might get drowned, cramps or even die (OA but true).

The coach started with the breathing exercise and will be followed by teaching different treading techniques. With your goggles on, strokes will be demonstrated repeatedly underwater. After that, it’s your turn to do it yourself while your coach checks if you’re doing the right deal.

After spending ample time getting used to the strokes, it’s time for the practicum; the coach will bring you on the deeper part of the pool, and will closely monitor you while you tread. Honestly, it’s not easy but it’s a good start once your muscle remembers the feeling of being afloat.

You’ll spend the rest of the time practicing until you realized that you’re now comfortable in the depths of water.

To end every session and to further push your limits, you’ll be requested to jump or dive from the side of the pool, perform treading and swim your way to the shallow.

Every end of each session, you need to jump to the 14 ft deep pool. Reluctant at first of course!
Set your heart free! After collecting enough courage, I decided to jump without thinking the consequence.
Ooh ohh. Where am I?
Surprise! It’s time to relax and practice treading. Let your muscle memory do the rest.
After treading, here I am paddling my way to the safety of the pool side.

I have zero swimming experience, can I still enroll survival lesson?

If you have zero knowledge in basic swimming, I highly recommend that you enroll with basic swimming class first. At the end of basic classes, they will teach the survival skills too. But if you want to enroll straight to survival lesson, I believe it’s totally fine.

Can I choose my preferred location and time?

Yes. I have classmates that took their classes from different locations since they’re only available on those times. Expect that you’ll be given different sets of classmates and coaches on each session, so it’s more chance of meeting people as well!

What to bring?

  • Entrance fee (may vary per location;  Makati pool fee is PHP 200.00 per visit)
  • Swimming attire (Goggles, Swimsuit/Rashguard, Cycling/Leggings are required), (Swim cap – recommended).  
  • Towel and Toiletries
  • Action Camera for picture and videos 🙂

Final thought

It’s never too late to face what we’re afraid of. There are group and individuals that can help us break that barrier, but it’s up to you when you’ll take that first step. Overall, I am happy that I took that step. I’m also thankful to Swim Central and the Coaches (shout to Coach Luis and Coach Ken).

6 Replies to “Survival lesson at Swim Central

    1. Hi, as far as I know you. The pool is exclusive for Swim Central students. I think you cannot just walk in and use the pool. Though their location is in Mayapis Makati. If you’re coming from Baclaran, take a bus to Ayala and alight at cityland. It’s just walking distant from there

  1. Hi, I’d like to go there for using the deep pool bcoz i’m practicing freediving.
    i’m wondering if the entrance fee is only p200/per? (how long we can stay for?)
    and if everyone is allowed to use the deep pool ?
    thank you so much for sharing !!!

    1. Hi cl, as far as I know the pool is not open to public. Contact swim central’s fb account cause I think they’re also hosting freediving activities 🙂

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