Tangadan Falls in San Juan La Union

In the town of San Gabriel La Union lies a famous falls that you can visit as a perfect side trip when visiting La Union – The Tangadan Falls. The falls requires more than an hour trek for the adventurous junkie or you can rent a habal-habal (motor ride) that will bring you to the jump-off on a lesser time. Mind you that the trail can be very steep especially on the rainy seasons. Even the motor ride feels like an adventure as it drives through narrow road and slopes.

How to get to Tangadan Falls

  • From Marcos Highway, ride a Jeepney bound to San Gabriel. Tell the driver to drop you off to San Gabriel Municipio.
  • From Municipio, there are tourist guides waiting for you there.
  • Decide whether you want the river trek or the easiest way
  • If you decided for the river trek, I would suggest that you get a tour guide since the trek might be challenging. Trekking would take more than an hour
  • If you decide for the easiest trek, then for me personally you can skip hiring a tour guide and just avail the habal-habal ride.
  • Before departure to the falls, the guide will assist you for the registration inside the police station and will request you to pay environmental fee (PHP 30.00 each)
Tourist must register inside the police station before departure.


Then, an environmental fee payment needs to be settled inside the fire station
  • After 15 minutes of crazy habal-habal ride, you’ll arrived at the drop off where you’ll start the easy trek for less than 10 minutes.
Our habal ride to Tangadan falls. The ride can accommodate 2 passengers per trip

  • The trail is easy but steep. There are parts where trees shades the trail but there are open areas as well.

  • After the trail, you’ll be greeted with the gushes of the water from the falls.
  • Don’t forget the environmental stub that you’ll get from municipio. It will be collected in the entrance of the falls.

What to do in Tangadan Falls

  • Whether you opt for the difficult or easy trail, the view from the trek itself is included on the list.
  • Chill and pigout from your snack stash. Cottages are available their for rent. Mini stores that sells snacks and water are also available before the falls area.
  • Avail a hydromassage from the falls via balsa (manmade raft) for PHP 200.00 (good for 6 pax). LIfe vest rental are available as well (PHP 50.00)
Balsa and life vest rental are available before the entrance of the falls.
  • Take that instagram-worthy shot, because, millenial!

  • Cliff Diving is restricted after an accident happened there
  • A section of the falls was restricted as well due to falling debris.
Watch out for falling debris on that area. See those big rocks?


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