What to Wear on an Autumn-Winter trip in South Korea

This is our first autumn-winter trip and we have no idea what to wear during this kind of season. Coming from a tropical country, we only experience dry and wet seasons with the average temperature of 26 degrees celcius, so trying out this season is totally new for us.

Having visited South Korea during end of November (close to Winter season), temperature may range from 0 to 11 degrees celcius. And that temperature is no joke if you want to tour comfortably outside. To best described the season during November, it is windy during morning and night, sunny during noon but still cold and snow may start to fall as early as the end of November. We’ve actually experienced the first snowfall in Seoul during our trip and it’s one of the most memorable experience for us.

Best advise, wear in Layers and buy Heat packs!

First on the checklist: Base Layer

Your base layer is the first layer protection next to your skin. It should be good in heat absorption which transforms moisture released by the body to heat and should quickly dries to keep you warm. We bought most of our base layers at Uniqlo since they have arrays of Heattech products for Winter.

Heattech technology for your Base Layer
  1. Extra Warm Crew Neck Shirt from Uniqlo Heattech – PHP 990.00
  2. Tights from Uniqlo Heattech – PHP 490.00
  3. Leggings from Uniqlo Heattech – PHP 990.00
  4. Normal Pants – if you plan to wear normal pants, it is advisable to wear thermal leggings inside.
Tights is thinner in texture compared to the leggings. I’ve always wear them in pairs for more heat protection

Second Part: Mid Layer

Your mid layer goes over your base layer and must give added insulation. The mid layer should be thicker than the base layer. As suggested, do not use cotton as it does not insulate well and slow to dry out. Having suggested this, we still used thick cotton and our existing sweatshirts as our Mid layer to avoid extra cost. Suggested thin layers are sweater, jacket, fleece turtle neck or wool.

  1. Knitted Sweatshirt – which I bought on sale from Terranova last 2015 – costs below PHP 500.00.
  2. Knitted Sweatshirt from Uniqlo
  3. Thick Cotton Dress
  4. Bomber Jacket on top of our Sweatshirts
Sweatshirt from Uniqlo

Third Part: Outer Layer

The suggested outer layer during Winter should be able to block wind and water. Suggested outer layers are fleece, down jacket, bubble jacket or a Ski jacket. But since we’ve visited during autumn-winter season, we decided to wear a trench coat that we bought at Ukay Ukay!

  1. Trench Coat from Ukay-Ukay – PHP 300.00 for Boink; PHP 500.00 for me.
  2. Trench Coat from Bershka – PHP 2,000.00. I’ve eyed this coat for a long time so we decided to buy it.
Coat that we've bought at Ukay Ukay for PHP 500.00
Coat that we’ve bought at Ukay Ukay for PHP 500.00

Last Part: Accessories

Neck warmers also protects most part of the face so I really suggest to buy have this during your winter trip
  1. Uniqlo Heattech Scarf – PHP 790.00
  2. Uniqlo Heattech Gloves – PHP 790.00. There are gloves available at Uniqlo that are mobile friendly.
  3. Uniqlo Heattech Socks – 2 pairs for PHP 590.00. We always wear 2 pairs of socks during our trip just to protect our feet from cold.
  4. For our shoes, we use our existing leather boots and sneakers.
  5. Personally, the MOST IMPORTANT accessory that helped us during our trip is the Neck Warmer and Heat packs. We bought our Neck Warmer in Korea for PHP 130.00 (W3,000) at a dollar store along Anguk station. Heat packs are also available on Pharmacy stores around Korea but we bought ours along with the Neck Warmer for PHP 88.00 (W2,000).


If the cold really bother you, try to use heat packs as it provides more heat. You can put this inside your pockets and pick it up in times of need.


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