Yoos Family Guesthouse | How to get there from Myeongdong and to Airport

We stayed at Yoos Family Guesthouse last November for 1 night thru Booking.com. One of the reasons why we stayed here is because we wanted to experience a traditional Korean-style Guesthouse and because it’s also one way of getting indulge to their culture. Their room comes with a heated wooden flooring or Ondol and a traditional Yo mattresses – a perfect accommodation for winter.


We met the owner and they are very friendly. They are also good at speaking English so communication is not an issue. We left our baggage early in the morning and started our do-it-yourself cultural walking tour.

When we relay to the owner on our first night that we will checkout early and asked from them if we can leave our things after the checkout, they whole heartedly agreed and instead we’re surprised with a late night ramyun noodles dinner cooked by them. So for me, staying on their guesthouse is more of being part of the family instead of treating you as a stranger.


The room setup is very traditional. It doesn’t have any regular mattress bed but instead it has Yo or traditional Korean mattress. So expect that you’ll be sleeping on the floor with the mattress. There is also an aircon installed – good for Summer, but the Ondol or traditional Korean heating system is just right during winter.

Most of the rooms doesn’t have private bathroom and are shared by other guest. So, late night bladder breaks might be a challenge especially if your just on your cotton pajamas.  The accommodation also includes free breakfast that are prepared by the owners. Though, we haven’t claimed ours since we also checked-out early the next day.


The place is excellent since it is just nearby the palaces, traditional village and MRT station. Once your booking is confirmed, the owner will sent out a detailed instruction on how to get there via mail.

How to get from Yoos Guesthouse from MRT or Airport

From MRT

  1. If you take the subway, alight at Anguk station and come out to exit 3. Fare costs from Myeongdong to Anguk station – KRW 1,250.00 (around PHP 60.00).
  2. The exit doesn’t have a lift, so coming with a baggage may be challenging.
    This is Anguk station. Walk towards the Exit 3 (Left side) – Changedeok Palace
  3. Once you reached the top of the stairs, walk towards the left side (facing the road).
    Once you reached the top of the stairs, walk straight to the side-walk until you reached Changdeok Palace. The sidewalk is on the left side when you are facing the main road.
  4. Go straight to the sidewalk until you reached Changdeok palace.
    The main landmark is when you reached Changdeok Palace. Cross the street opposite the palace, towards the coffee shop
  5. On the opposite road of Changdeok palace, you will see Hagajae coffee shop. Cross the street until you reached it.
    The coffee shop is the building on the right side.
  6. Facing Hagajae coffee shop, walk towards the left sidewalk until you reached the first aisle.
  7. Turn right and continue walking until you passed through Amass hotel (left side) and CU convenience store (right side).
    Picture grabbed from Yoos Guesthouse detailed instruction on how to get there. The left image is the Amass Hotel, the right picture is the CU convenience store.
  8. You will see signage of Korea guesthouse on the opposite road of CU
  9. Walk towards the next aisle after Korea guesthouse and turn left. The wooden fence is Yoos Guesthouse.
    Picture grabbed from Yoos Guesthouse detailed instruction on how to get there. The left picture is the Korea guesthouse. Passing the guesthouse, continue to walk until you reached the next aisle on the left. The guesthouse with the wooden fence there is Yoong Guesthouse.
  10. Better to contact the owner first if you’re planning to check-in or leave your things early.


From Incheon Airport

  1. From the airport, ride a local bus #6011 and get off at Changdeok Palace station. The drop off station is in the opposite area of Changdeok Palace.
  2. So instead of crossing the opposite road, walk on the sidewalk until you reached the opposite side of Changdeok palace. There, you will arrived at Hagajae coffee shop (right side).
  3. Continue walking straight ahead until you reached the next street.
  4. Follow step 7 from the above’s instruction.


To Incheon Airport

  1. From the street near Changdeok Palace, there is a waiting shed for bus #6011 going to Incheon airport.
  2. Fare costs KRW 10,000 (less than PHP 500.00)
  3. First trip to the airport is around 4:22AM until 9:07PM, with 20-35 minutes interval.


Final thought

If your planning to spend time around the palaces and traditional tourist spots, I highly recommend this area.


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